What are headcanons tumblr. Yet the more we learn about his past, the more we realise he is just a man. hxh-headcanons:. Peter Hale Headcanon. And if he attacks you, good luck trying to escape because he won’t spare . - all the young moms love Antonio. Batboys Getting Betrayed By Their S/O. But it was the things that made him, him, that had you falling for him. Just think about it. H - Hugging you Ansem isn’t shy, but he can be rather bashful. Hanako doesn’t like modern music so he plays vintage covers of them. Bidders reaction plz. Superman once fought it. According to him, it is slightly smaller than a battleship. mod mina mod mina ooc. When the incident happened and Maria was murdered, that changed Shadow. MC isn’t Beyoncé but that Won’t Stop Them. Obama: Yes she does. For example, “Headcanons for (character name) being a parent”. i’m very shy and quiet, i only really talk when in spoken to or have to, unless i’m with people i’m comfortable with. All ships welcome. “hi kou!”. zerochan. See a recent post on Tumblr from @melmalone about headcanons. toilet bound hanako kun hanako tbhk hanako tbhk tbhk headcanons toilet bound headcanons headcanons. Fluffy relationship headcanons . Author notes: Contains what I think he may be like if he were a . Okay, this might be cheesy but he is the literal child of “ Dont judge a book by its cover” and “It’s . being Victorious. - but when he has a boyfriend, they are the one. Hello all! Welcome to my headcanon blog for The Umbrella Academy! I’m very excited to see what headcanons other members of the Yamaguchi as an otakuuuu and Tsukki as the understanding boyfriend that really does not have any clue what Yams is saying but is really supportive anyway uwu ~Firefly Anon (if that’s not taken already cuz Kei means Firefly and I like fireflies haha)) I do headcanons/imagines requests: closed. All of it. Not that he mistrusts you, he knows you’re capable of looking after yourself. You knew it the instant you looked into his eyes. - This man in my eyes is pansexual and I refuse to believe otherwise. I have this HeadCanon where Shadow’s personality used to be exactly like Sonic’s while Maria was alive: Fun, energetic, egotistical, friendly, etc. #rwby #roman torchwick #neo #neopolitan #neo (rwby) #neo politan #headcanons #q. Sad headcanons . 06. text with 30 notes. Kairi’s and Hayner’s Shenanigans. - Mod Tsumugi. nhaomei. mitsu-x3:. Neloth headcanons. Also, everyone’s somewhat acquainted. FNAF Headcanons: The 5 Missing Children. Originally posted by kittenwithaquirk. will add more in the future. Please read all rules before submission. Cypher has this line “I am Prometheus, and you are just a god” And his player card is called “Redeemer’s folly”, he is dramatically standing in the light staring at it. I’m really, really sorry. they can’t cook at all but will do it . Finding out her S/o is pregnant . Headcanon that Purdy, Mousefur, and Longtail used to spend their days arguing over who was gonna get together with who. Some of these ships include OC’s of mine - all of these will have a * in front of it, so that if you’re not familiar with my OCS, you’re not confused by a . ] + Everyone but Sucrose, Lisa, Jean, and Aether are scared of him. Jasper is a lesbian. The Demon Bros and their Nervous Tics. Description songs. Open in app. Spain - Antonio Carriedo. you are Eyeless Jack once made everyone in the mansion sick by cooking something with undercooked human meat in it. Remus Lupin Headcanons“I can’t resist not talking about Hogwarts!Remus 💓 (tense is a mess, apologies) ” • Looked soft, what with the sweaters, books and nerdiness but do not be mistaken. # mousefur. + He just lets it poor all over you, not even attempting to hide how turned on he gets at the sight of you all disheveled and wet. He was very heavy-set and muscular, See a recent post on Tumblr from @mischievouswritingmelon about hxh-headcanons. Posts. - he is very clueless tho. Quirk Idea. Headcanon Prompts. + He’s going to follow you around like a lost puppy until you ask him why he’s following you. “This one stays at your house while I keep this one here. Franziska was in Germany when her father was convicted of the DL-6 incident, and by the time word reached her, he had already been executed. she even has the bi haircut mod david stranger things bisexual headcanon. Batfam as John Mulaney Quotes. -speaking of pranks, the bakusquad once pranked monoma and tetsutetsu really bad and it started a prank war between class 1-a and 1-b. Headcanon may be upgraded to canon if it is incorporated into the program or story's universe. Headcanons — being inosuke’s aunt and a demon slayer THE SHORT HISTORY ⏤ Douma was always a little bitch wrong about Kotoha, because she wasn’t dumb or naive, she was perhaps even too smart especially when it came to her sister, so when the day came when she stood before her and pledged to wipe demons from the earth, the same things . Occasional butt popping or grinding. Chirithy Headcanons. F - Flirting with you. Hawks - This evil that cannot be defeated because we cannot fully comprehend it. Undertale headcanons Hi I'm Em! (She/Her) This is a headcanon blog for undertale and a handful of the AU's. I started this blog in 2020 which seems like a really long time ago but I’ve had so much fun over the past years writing on here and being able to interact with the mods! As yall know, for the past few months I’ve been inactive, whether that be to school or just life stuff in general. -You seemed so friendly and sweet, and something about you just made her want to squeal. Hc: Childe likes bigger women, the more there is the more of you he can touch. This blog is for submissions for POC, Queer, Disabled, Neurodivergent, and any other such diverse headcanons. Bakugou Katsuki + Relationship Headcanons: The class would not know you’re in a relationship until Bakugou just pulls you into his lap one day and you’re totally chill about it. MC Jumps Out of Windows to Avoid Their Problems. No matter who you are, he will follow you around until he thinks the time is right to attack. Discover more posts about hxh-headcanons. Daily Bakugou Headcanons. Nov 5th, 2018. Mirio - There Can Only Be You. has a cop s/o. # sean dingling # bat # regina berry # ace attorney # ace attorney headcanon # ace attorney headcanons # anonymous. Ask box: Closed. This was submitted by soorandomm thanks for the request darlin, I really liked this idea :D NICE AND ANGSTY, all of them you almost die, but in Ota’s I wanted her to actually die, I hope that . Warnings: Yandere, Possessive behavior, Manipulative behavior, Domestic Violence, Stalking, Dabi is a Todoroki. We will run mainly on submissions from followers and fans, so try to submit a headcanon about any character! Warning: this blog will not be spoiler-free! However, we will tag spoilers as "snk spoilers" so you can avoid anything with that tag. “Here,” he hands one to Hinata. You placed the novel on the desk that sat in the corner of your room. Submit your Victorious headcanons here through the ask box. He’s not quite fluid, but he could get around if he needed to. You’d just joined class 77-B, and she’d been the first person to talk to you at the end of class. Sleep cuddles. Izuku is a darling in the whole relationship and supports his S/o and even Katsuki it’s very wholesome. modern!au. Betas: -Both male and female. No reason to keep it hidden; you’re friends, if you don’t feel the same, he’s certain you’ll stay friends, and if you do feel the same, he can only win. Lars is a trans boy and pansexual. Marco: Church grim, a guardian spirit in English and Nordic folklore. Random Dog: Yes she does. 56 notes | 2 years ago Tagged: #mod adam #The Amazing World of Gumball #tawog #headcanon #submission #gumball watterson #darwin watterson #tawog gumball #tawog darwin. Kirishima Eijiro: The second you walk through the door, Kirishima’s at your side, ushering you into the bathroom. Just send in a number and a character’s name and I’ll do your request as soon as I can! Or if you wanna use these questions for your own blog go ahead! Mikuni is polylingual; aside from Japanese, he speaks English, French, and German. hyunsuk (suggestive) you wore one of his shirts and paired it with a leather jacket and his necklaces to his debut performance as a way to show that you’re proud of him. Quirk description: User can turn into a fox. He was the second one of them to be killed, and was stuffed into the suit of Freddy Fazbear. 💜 YANDERE DABI HEADCANONS 💜. 2) cw. Inbox: OPEN. He’d probably tell you on a walk through the gardens . she's just minding her bussiness, washing his hair and giving him a scalp massage, and he starts flirting Permalink. theme by I love it so much. Majima’s reaction on Daigo having a crush on his s/o. They don’t need to be about a specific character, they can be about accommodations in the school or a group of characters or about the world in general. Whether you’re a little taller than her or a LOT taller than her, have no fear, she’ll treat you as an equal. [1] i actually have two hawks scenarios so im just gonna send separately and u can do whatever u prefer whether is one or both of them (im using she/her but the reader can be gn or fem, ur choice). May 18th, 2020. Azula began to believe she was in a relationship with her father and the sex became “consensual” when she was 12. The merchant and the traveling merchant are cousins. Welcome. Because it’s so muddled. If it ain’t obvious, life is sorta shit right now and I’m trying to get that under control so ummm,,,,djwiznaj yeah- Kageyama enters the room, a suitcase in each hand. The chaotic energy, the excitement, the bad decisions. -Betas make up about 50% of the population while Alphas and Omegas split the rest 25/25. Gloria: sobble I just like the idea of her holding a small sobble. Angry Demon Bros. Dorothea one day is curious and she decides to test her luck and touch Caspar’s hair. especially when you don’t know anyone on such big platforms like tumblr or instagram or whatnot. how i would imagine genshin characters would text. She knows you’re more than capable of handling things on your own, so it’s not necessary to waste your He’ll blend your meals down into a smoothie and force it down your throat if he has too. * Enoch to Jacob: I say this to you as a friend who likes to see you get hurt. AsaNoya: *decorating the tree*. First of all, he doesn’t need the indirect reminder of his height and secondly, he enjoys holding you more than he likes to be held. being like Bonnie and Clyde with his s/o. (MCU Guardians of the Galaxy and the Amazing Spiderman headcanons are accepted as well!) If you are sending in a headcanon for Holland’s Spiderman, label it was “MCU Peter Parker”. Warning:cursing, very slight NSFW(w/ kaeya/albedo), mentions of drinking. The Cool Kids are all polyamorous. Headcanon C: heart-crushing and awful, but fun to inflict on friends. Amber eyes are a huge hit. + Now, he’s not the type to just walk up to you and tell you how he feels . Despite the namesake, your godly parent is a force to be . + Prolonged eye contact. Dealing With Sick Batboys - Batboys x Reader. Nagito my love. springles (connie and sasha) headcanons. Jacob: Hey! I love Emma, so did it ever occur to you that I’m ready for a world of misery and KBTBB Headcanon. Even if they’re heavy he refuse to put them down because “god damn it I’m gonna . Legend and Reader bond over being snarky and the occasional bullying of Warriors. Headcanon #10. Even though Niki and Wilbur made their best affords to make you feel welcomed and safe. Boku No Hero Academia Headcanons. Kokichi Ouma x Kaede Akamatsu fluff headcanons. The Untold Headcanons of Hogwarts. General Luxord Headcanons. http://www. N o t e : Please note that all headcanons posted are deemed free to reblog for personal, RP, and other . Sun/moon ☀️🌑☀️ {smut} {fluff} {headcanons} ☀️When sun is very comfortable and you are too, he starts to be a bit of a perv. Grell Sutcliff: Friendship headcanons. Character: Dabi. 15 We will rock you. - that’s what keeps him from having a lot of boyfriends. # i reckon they were often right too! # warrior cats. sirius doesn’t use tumblr super often but he and james have an ongoing competition to see whose selfies will get more notes. 8:30. You're welcome to submit your own headcanons, requests, or questions in the owlery below, and feel free to check . Asahi: *putting ornaments on the tree*. Probably gonna sound really uninformed to my ophthalmologist followers but his fucked up eye’s tear ducts are also fucked in a way that makes crying physically painful. Bakugou headcanons daily. ok, my headcanon is a little different from Dy (this is omegaverse, different views for the same thing). ) MCU Headcanons. - he loves very intensely. You passed out in no time what so ever. they have matching icons. • shuichi has a lot of nightmares both in general and from the killing game, kiibo has learned how to tell. Terraria Headcanons. However, Legend still has his walls up high enough that he won’t seriously let Reader in and he’s only just thinking about letting Marin go. - Okay, to be honest, Masky isn’t someone you wanna mess with. Midoriya - I dreamt about you last night. —[🎀] Genshin Impact Headcanons!! — [🪄] Requests are open !! Characters included; Childe, kaeya, ningguang, beidou, scaramouche, albedo, sucrose, razor, bennett, noelle, fischl. “oh! y/n-senpai!” kou greeted you. Possessive headcanons . • whenever shuichi is experiencing nightmares, kiibo warms up his body . Hiding your face inside your palms, hoping it’ll He’s so worried the whole time you’re gone that you’re safe, and makes sure you’re keeping in contact. Sometimes when he gets extrenely flustered . Kicking off your boots, you plopped onto your bed and cuddled your head into one of your pillows. fitz is blind keeper of the lost cities kotlc sophie foster sophie keefe sencen keefe fitz vacker fitz biana vacker biana dex dizznee dex marella linh song linh tam song tam wylie endal wylie sophitz fitzphie . For she-cats, tortoiseshells are considered . Hermione: Yes she does. Mirio’s crush defends him from trashtalkers. When requesting, rather if it’s a headcanon, preference, or imagine, please be specific. He has trouble falling asleep if it’s too quiet and prefers to sleep to the sound of something or someone. “Fine, just let me get you some medicine. ravenclaw-headcanons: readforchangeproject: Buckle up kids it’s time to reread Percy Jackson. SMP Fundy x Reader Headcanons. If you ever want to take a walk in the woods, bring someone else with you, or bring a weapon. C - Celebrating your/their birthday. Sorry I’ve been sorta,,,,quiet nowadays. Judging from his reaction and the way he was behaving throughout the stream. And it’s not just a cute action that happens automatically. . net/ SUPER SPOILER DETECTED. *Because I wrote this a while ago, Shaw is not in this headcanon. They’re staring while you effortlessly converse with each other and you’re both cackling in your heads. Gabe died at age 12, making him the oldest of the original five children. Jesus: Yes she does. Niki and Wilbur found you in a desert where you were armorless and had practically nothing. #obey me #obey me shall we date #obey me headcanons #cheys headcanons #lucifer obey me #mammon obey me #leviathan obey me #obey me satan #asmodeus obey me #beelzebub obey me #belphegor obey me #obey me diavolo #barbatos obey me #simeon obey me #luke obey me More you might like This is a big reason why I think it’s so important to set up either which version you’re using, or if you’re making your own interpretation in fic, art, headcanons, etc. this post is tagged as food. {Note: I can do 10 characters per preference, but if you request . Hop: scorbunny I feel like it fits him. " Sorry for the Inactivity. So they basically act like best friends. I’m gonna try to take care of some things in the ask box! I’ve been on hiatus for academic reasons as of recent, and I feel like I can pop in now and do a little bit ^ ^. Hinata accepted the bag with a nod, tossing one last glance at your crying form. Quirk name: Vixen. 11 months ago + ♡84 notes. Her best friends are Poseidon, Apollo, Iris, Hebe, Eros and for everyone’s surprise, Thanatos. ↳ phantom troupe. They also bond over magical items and late night talks. Fate/Series Headcanons. He’s a wonderful guy who could talk a person into anything he wanted really. yandere midoriya izuku deku katsuki bakugou bakugou katsuki ground zero todoroki shōto midoriya x reader deku x reader midoriya . Holds hands everywhere and anywhere, it doesn’t matter to him. Anonymous asked: Booster Gold and Impulse both spend quite a lot of their free time trying to recreate/"invent" junk food from their eras. i am so so sorry if i slandered your favorite character- also i feel like most of the hydro characters are on the same wavelength or . asmodeus —. Aether (masc traveler): pronouns fluctuate but he/him mostly, panromantic pansexual. daily-bakugou-headcanons. You were not there when L’manberg first declared independence. While he’s her son, he stopped calling her “mother” and started calling her “Dite”. 4 years ago 5. Zaeed is Earthborn Shepard’s father. And he doesn’t mean to offend you in any way, as he always tries to treat every avenger the same way. Just when people don’t read the manga XD Nightmare’s Gang Headcanon. !WARNING! THIS HAS SOMETHING CALLED “OPINIONS” IF YOU DONT AGREE WITH THEM SILENTLY LEAVE! Ty xoxo. He adores your boobs, small and big. - Always has the latest technology. rules for headcanon asks. i have a big heart, so i tend to put others before myself. So first, throwing a few things out here. Things like alphas are aggressive and territorial are pretty standard and just go without saying. Tetsu is surprisingly good at English; he picked up a lot from tourists who came to his family’s inn. Steven is genderfluid and bisexual. 4 years ago 2. MC swaps clothes with brothers. Facebook. He doesn’t care about the size, he cares of texture and how he just jiggles. this is a heart meter. Being Best Friends With DamiJon. Apr 3rd, 2020. He’s very vocal in the bedroom, be it moans and grunts here and there, or full on sentences. Katsuki is going to be the most dominant one in the relationship that’s a given. Links for mobile users: Rules FAQ Ships Mod Intros Masterlist Bland DC Headcanons. There are so many different reasons he could have it. Also he is a sucker for arguing. Some headcanons on teen Ryu and Ken: randomnobodyandfriends. Character x Character x Character. (Other admins will open up soon) this blog is also NOT spoiler free beware! Here are some rules and characters I write for! (And something’s that are coming soon!) also please only ask for 5 characters at a time. He also learned how to say “Welcome”, “Thank you”, and “Please come again” in a . “There, there darlin’, you’re doing so good,” he would . Even so, the discomfort doesn't reflect on your face, frigid expression carefully layered with blankness. The Giant Claw actually exists in the DCU. Feel free to send one in! You can also join our Discord server here, and make sure to check out our past community AUs here. he only makes text posts to say that james is a fucking nerd. He actually agrees to go on a date with her! Nobody is really all that surprised. tumblr. Her relationship with Eros is kinda weird. If the headcanon about Mia and Miles being actual siblings holds any truth, the two would have found out about it soon or later from Gregory himself. cuddling >>>>>. * Once turned his big toe into a mushroom (asking receives one of to responses 1:a reeeeally long monologue of him excitedly telling the story 2:Well I didn’t mean to an-) * Has a weird habit of casually eating things without knowing and, when asked has no idea what you’re talking about. Opens in new window. Jim Kirk (Star Trek) is pansexual. Submitted by: Anonymous. + If he hasn’t slept in more than 4 days, he’ll start banging into walls. he has pointed ears. 79 notes. {GROUP HEADCANONS} {KEY} /p = permanent platonic, will not change to /r /r = permanent romantic, for canon ships /p* = platonic but can always have romantic headcanons added on /r* = romantic but can always have platonic headcanons added on [Crack ships welcome!] ━━━━━━♡♤♡━━━━━━ Chota Segawa, Daikichi Karube, and . It is very unorthodox for biological parents to associate with their children but Gyatso always felt love for Aang. sorry for the delay guys) I created a series of polls designed to test which of the hogwarts houses has the highest number of LGBT+ students. She won’t be mad. (A/N) - You have no freaking idea how much I enjoyed writing these! Dating Headcanon. your headcanon doesn’t Demyx & Vexen Headcanons. Fluffy HCs - (Kid, Law) Teasing and Asking Crush to Join Crew - (Kid, Killer) Accidentally Calling Motherly Friend “Mom” - (Luffy, Law, Kid) Killua headcanons. But when it comes to missions, he becomes real serious about your safety. MASKY HEADCANONS. Headcanons for the campers at Camp Half-blood & Camp Jupiter! Based off the Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus and Trials of Apollo series! . He is absolutely mortified, and has to be dragged to the store by Armin, where they spend 10 minutes debating which is better, the super brand or the sports brand (they get the sports brand) and Eren swears to never go again. Headcanons ♡ Headcanon ideas ♡ (You can request any headcanon you want, it doesn’t have to belong to this list, these are only ideas) A - Asking you out. Also he 100% makes “back in my day” jokes. He stares you jumping in excitement and the way your chest just moves. Annie is quite a serious gal, so her warming up to you is a surprise to everyone. Hawks Headcanon. the first is: reader's a hairstylist and hawks comes over to get a haircut. MC runs up and slaps the brothers’ butt. He wants you to show him off to everyone, and he’ll show you off as well. twistedrunes: silentshayshores-2: Ok so since I have no ideas for headcanons at the moment, I wanna ask you guys to send in some requests. Who I write for. Headcanons: What Jeff, Liu, BEN, Toby, Eyeless Jack, Jane, Clockwork, Zero, Nurse Ann, and Darkness do to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their S/o: Ticci Toby, Hoodie, & Masky reactiong to their female veteran S/o waking up from nightmares: Laughing Jack, Sally, Kagekao, Homcidial Liu passing time during Quarantine with their S/o: I write headcanons not fics or one shots, if that’s what you’re looking for I’m sure someone out there will do it; I won’t write headcanons with potentially triggering topics such as any kind of abuse or death; there’s also some topics that I just don’t know enough about to write on accurately, including certain cultures, disorders . Sophie: Yes I do. Xigbar, Xaldin, Vexen & Lexaeus Crushing on Someone with the Opposite Personality. The anxiety replaced the blood in my veins as I chewed on my thumbnail. Sex Headcanons. sirius’s favorite is the skeleton war . Jirou and Momo (separate) relationship headcanons. Bakugou and Izuku poly relationship headcanons. Tawog Headcanons. I’m not one who really thinks there’s any connection between the two as I see sexuality/gender as resulting from Oikawa. Homestuck Headcanons: Party Dancing. (now writing drabbles) I'm kind of slow on replies so sorry if I take some time to reply! Posts. Quirk pros: Impossible to catch/injure while in fox form, has superior hearing, sense of smell, and has extremely sharp teeth and claws. “You’re the best Catra,” Adora said with a weak smile. Eyeless Jack once made everyone in the mansion sick by cooking something with undercooked human meat in it. Haws flirting with Endeavor’s sidekick. disturbs Saejima and his s/o while being intimate (NSFW) has a son who goes through the same experiences like him. Sonic (please specify whether you want game/anime Sonic, or movie Sonic, or Boom Sonic as their personalities are a bit differing) Shadow/Boom Shadow. So in case you missed it, a while ago (actually quite a while ago. Asahi: lol I thought you were an ornament whooooooops your just so tiny lol. See a recent post on Tumblr from @prof-peach about headcanon. After a public vote, we’ll be reading The Lightning Thief . 8 Feb 04 2021. asdcats. Caspar Headcanons. Because he knows what it’s like to be optimistic . You never really thought you’d end up with him in the first place. while they haven't been successful yet, their experiments have produced some of the most delicious garbage their friends have ever tasted, and surprisingly, is still healthier than . Brothers getting jealous. Annie: Hulder, or huldra, a seductive forest creature. Hero/villain name: Vixen. hi! could i possibly geta haikyu matchup? i’m a bi female, 5’4, libra with long black hair and green eyes. he can't cook, but he will order in your favorites. Ever since he learned to read, Mont D'Or was a . “I know this must be hard for you, Y/N. 7 years ago — 11/5/2014 — 218 notes. -The day you two met was amazing. That being said he will let you know that he is there for you when you’re ready. Hey y’all, Mod Mina here ^ ^. Until the new demon in Tuesday. Submitted by @gumballwattersun. Mikasa tries to make Eren go get her tampons. General Yandere Dabi Headcanons | Oh Darling . Deku x Aoyama first date headcanons. Discover more posts about headcannons, alternate universe, my fanfiction, vampire au, drabble, reader insert, and headcanon. He’s already protective of you when you’re not in a mission. immediately busts into the room with washcloths, pain killers, eye masks and nail polish. He likes to carry people around and will randomly pick someone up. He thinks this is freaking hot. So, here’s my Headcanon Masterlist! Writing Masterlist and rules can MC is a poet. If you nip at his neck, or kiss down his chest, you’ll have him singing like a bird, surely notifying everyone in the near vicinity of your activities. Keep reading. Lapis is pansexual panromantic with more of a preference towards girls and feminine presenting people. My phone vibrated and I raced through the apartment to retreive it. #stardew valley #stardew valley blog #stardew valley ask blog #stardew blogging #stardew valley headcanons #stardew valley elliott headcanons. -jirou blasts her music in the dorms so at this point everyone knows what she listens to. October Headcanons (Bakugou x Reader) In honor of Tumblr’s favorite time of year, I want to do a little series where I list some Autumn/Halloween/October HC’s for some of the BNHA characters. “You don’t know that,” Adora groaned, sitting back. If anyone asks what happened he’ll attribute the change to his training and “walking the Warrior’s Path. Squads’ Favorite Amusement Park Rides. Galas With The Batboys. Behold, Perry the Platypus, The Male Servant-inator!!! Once I pull this lever, this satellite will send out a signal causing the user surveys of all the Fate/Grand Order accounts in the Tri-State Area to automatically be submitted with the demand for more male units. Apollo has the same tendency for psychosis as Kristoph does. Them watching all sorts of musicals like Wicked, Les Mis, Dear Evan Hansen, quoting them random at each other and . chrollo; general headcanons with a phantom troupe member s/o with a stronger s/o with a virgin s/o with a succubus s/o . the-whims-of-fate. Kokichi Ouma x Himiko Yumeno cuddling headcanons. " Headcanons: What Jeff, Liu, BEN, Toby, Eyeless Jack, Jane, Clockwork, Zero, Nurse Ann, and Darkness do to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their S/o: Ticci Toby, Hoodie, & Masky reactiong to their female veteran S/o waking up from nightmares: Laughing Jack, Sally, Kagekao, Homcidial Liu passing time during Quarantine with their S/o: Phoenix Wright, Mia Fey, and Diego Armando, and the four would have enjoyed a sibling-like relationship. He doesn’t know why he does it, but deep down he’s afraid of people leaving. The world of Nightwing New Order is a rare instance of a world being forged in the Dark Multiverse that was able to rise out of it and into at least Hypertime. Light blue hair trail prickling heat where it grazes your skin, an itch you can't quite scratch away. Class 1-A girls helping to raise an orphan boy Marvel MLM Imagines, Preferences, and Headcanons. Brothers with an MC who gets a lisp from night retainer. Pairing: Dabi x Reader. Filed under: crystal winter jackie frost northwind eah ever after high post i really like this headcanon. WandaVision ~Headcanons~ Being Billy and Tommy’s Younger Brother. Enoch: If you don’t take that ring back right now you are going to end up in a world of misery and pain. + Has been drugged by Sucrose [ so he could sleep. Dave: REALLY GOOD LIKE WOW. Submit a post. some-undertale-headcanons. Because she never got to say goodbye, she never got closure, and it . Random demon tries to take MC away from them. Tweet. G - Getting protective over you. -one day they all decided to show up to class as a . + Is the . I’ll steal it and be right back. saiibo headcanons for the soul. 4 character limit and SFW only. But his favorite part has to be holding you in his arms without you screaming and crying your head off. No attempt to injure or capture will succeed. Going shopping with her S/o . Silver. Hc: these are the Pokémon I like to imagine hop, Gloria, and victor choosing for their starter Pokémon. ; Kaeya. # purdy. warnings: nsfw, violence, swearing, yandere themes obviously - if any of these things make you uncomfortable, don’t read it - also if you can, send me your opinions or some feedback i’d love to know what . So they would separate students by alpha dorm, omega dorm and beta dorm. When he woke up and Laura and Derek returned, Peter driven . The very far future he’s not ready to share you just yet. creepypasta creepypasta headcanon bloody painter hoodie jeff the killer masky slenderman eyeless jack puppeteer ben drowned. They’re so similar that it frustrates them, because they fought so hard after their Choices, knowing random Xiao headcanons - Genshin Impact. So this is the launch of a new community where we (re)read books together, share our thoughts and hold discussions, get creative, and try and put a bit of good out into the world as we go 7 years ago — 10/30/2014 — 168 notes. MASTERLIST. Ask me anything. ask away bubs~. This is a blog for Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) headcanons. Archive. When you first saw L’manberg walls you fell in love with the nation. He often get’s flustered when given flowers as a present, and feels he has to make it up to them, so in return he’ll go out and buy a bouquet of their favourite colour flowers. Angie Yonaga x Korekiyo Shinguuji as adults headcanons. currently only accepting: undertale, underswap, underfell, fellswapred bros. Bakugou falling for the daughter of a villain. A man who has made terrible choices but a man nonetheless. He needs someone with an attitude. Befriending and working for the Wright Agency has prevented any darkness growing in his heart. Welcome to Headcanons from Avenger’s Tower! This is a safe space to sumbit and share all of your MCU Avengers related headcanons. Jacob: *shows the guys the engagement ring he got for Emma. Christmas shopping with his partner would be his ideal Christmas with them. asdcats has 3 out of 5 hearts. Also, I don’t think every Pasta is going to live in America. But when you’re ready, I’ll be here to answer all the questions you may have. - like that’s his future husband. Bakugou with a dancer s/o. “I know,” she replied and was off. D - Double dating! E - Eating dinner. She honestly was prepared to have her finger pricked but you know what they say, curiosity kills the cat, but satisfaction brings it back. he and james both start liking memes ironically but eventually it’s not ironic anymore. When the two of you spoon, he is never the little spoon. As a child, Mont D'Or was known as just a nerd. finds out that his s/o is pregnant. In reality, Ken pulled so many pranks on him he really had no choice but to . She got your phone number and you two arranged to hang out on the weekend. It was clear that the two of them already had a connection going on. # warriors headcanon. And each option really has different things you can do with it And of course setting out with your own rules is always a creative venture. An impulse to smile had unconsciously translated across your features just from the recollection of that one memory you held dearly of a redheaded male; with a motion of fond happiness, the corners of your lips were inching upwards without you even realising. Hello and welcome to Hermitcraft Headcanons! This is a gathering place for thoughts and ideas related to the Hermitcraft SMP. MC got their Wisdom Teeth Removed. so here you are now, in the minamoto household looking at the little girl on the floor, playing with her dolls. Tokoyami, Aoyama, and Deku friendship headcanons. 21st. He’s going to get jealous every time their S/o spends more time with Izuku than him. Every time you go out for a walk - immediately takes you by the hand. submitted by sublimefox. 286 notes. ”. alagaesia-headcanons: Sorry I snatched this screenshot from a different post, but this drives me insane and I don’t want to derail that post *adds this to the list of reasons I would throw hands with chris* Inheritance is the titular theme of the Inheritance Cycle, yet Paolini seems so incredibly inconsistent about what he wants to say about it. As for your Godly Parent, judging by your tumblr blog, we at Demigod Headcanons would probably say you’re a child of Hypnos, the God of Sleep. (Like they would bet 5 mouses that Dovewing would reject Bumble lmao) . Peridot is greyasexual and homoromantic. Headcanon #3 Sokka’s bi Romantic Headcanons for Main Four. This community is a place for headcanons that represent all aspects of ravenclaw house. So this is the launch of a new community where we (re)read books together, share our thoughts and hold discussions, get creative, and try and put a bit of good out into the world as we go. Because, as everyone knows, headcanons are the best part of the Victorious fandom. Todoroki dating All Might’s daughter. That means these won't just focus on the stereotypical traits of brains and wit, but also on the creative and original side of ravenclaw house. This blog here will be for all the Harvest Moon headcanons that Spencer has the most gorgeous brown eyes (this is not a headcanon I just needed to say it) He’s autistic, but has gotten pretty good at masking; He can use computers somewhat well, but he doesn’t really like them; To be more precise, his computer skill is highly situational. John: Really, really awkward, but doesn't really understand that, so he just kind of shamelessly flails his arms around. • their relationship is based off of consent, every time they are about to do something physical, they ask each other first. but here, it's different. Someone who is smaller than him. notes. helping his s/o with an eating disorder. 4 years ago 13. I cannot beging to express how sorry I am for being inactive on this blog for so long. Amogus. Once her s/o left, she would be a mess and wouldn’t . home ask archive random tags submit refresh personal. Though he may be a bit shy about it (and even outwordly deny it), Mondo absolutely loves all the flowers his s/o makes. Submitted by Anonymous. Steve and Bucky going to visit Broadway because dammit, 70 years better have given them something good. # The Umbrella Academy # headcanon # headcanons # TUA # Apocalypse Suite # Dallas. Grell would be the most likely to get super emotional. Just give me Nagito x Reader headcanons. genshin characters typing | headcanons. Ibuki Mioda x Mikan Tsumiki x Chiaki Nanami headcanons Tsuyu manages to get Todoroki in the Commons as the same time as Momo, and she decides to finally make her move while Tsu, Tooru, and Jirou watch quietly from afar. - He definitely doesn’t care about looks. * Sara . no more than four (4) characters per headcanon! no nsfw! suggestive is okay! minor gore Masterlist. + His footsteps are completely silent. ft. She doesn’t want you belittling your own success in battle, so if she ever sees you handling a villain, she’ll back off. For preferences, please tell me which characters you want (like the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc). Deku x Mei headcanons. A Cyclops: Yes she does. - accidental flirting is happening 24/7. There is Kuroo+Bokuto+Oikawa or Trash Talk Squad™ But there is one pair that I feel like we should think about more often. # mod tsumugi # nagito x reader # sdr2 nagito # nagito komaeda # nagito imagines # nagito komeada x reader # komaeda x reader . Welcome to a yttd (your turn to die) headcannon blog! I’m the only one currently running this blog. When he notices he has romantic feelings for you, he pretty much just tells you. With the exception of Jackie Frost, Northwind, Crystal and her parents; all the ice people formed from Demeter’s tears after she I headcanon that Neo was an orphan / living on the streets after an accident or event that damaged her voice. Also the reader is not good with staring So they'll either look away, laugh, or unintentionally make a face. She is also known as a skogsrå (“forest spirit”) or Tallemaja (“pine tree Mary”), and/or ulda. sleepybutwriting sleepy but writing headcanon my hero academia headcanons . MC kisses the brothers on the nose. Gin from Your Turn to Die is an autistic pansexual isogender nonbinary felisgender person that uses he/him, they/them, and kit/kits pronouns! His main special interest is animals, his comfort object is his cat cushion that You unlocked your door and walked through, shutting the door behind you. After the fire, Derek and Laura left for New York, not knowing that Peter survived and was comatose, and with Cora away at boarding school in Mexico; not having any Pack members to keep him stable, Peter and his wolf were driven insane by the pain and loneliness. Haikyuu!! Headcanon. That’s why he’s annoyed with Sonic at times, but still helps him. General Yandere Dabi Headcanons. Headcanon #2 Gyatso is Aang’s biological father. -Betas have a sort of sixth sense for heats and ruts . I think it during school it wouldn’t matter if they are boy or girl (agender, non-binary or genderqueer), what it would matter is the dynamic. Currently, we are not accepting any new mods. com. Here, include your not only a picture of the character, but your headcanons of Bland DC Headcanons. Amber: cisgender female, she/her, biromantic bisexual, male preference. yandere! illumi when his darling asks him for affection. Text Post posted 8 months ago. Asahi: *picks Nishinoya up*. MLQC Headcanon - It’s that Spiderman meme. Series: Boku no Hero Academia / My Hero Academia. “I’ve got so much time to make up for! Tonight we’re gonna have a fun movie night! you can even pick the movie!”. he designed his own human form but he didn’t actually know enough about humans to do it properly. ~Headcanons~ Being A Witch Who Studies Alot Being A Minecraft Player. Marvel MLM Imagines, Preferences, and Headcanons. yandere! illumi headcanons. Posts; Ask me anything; Submit a post; Archive; bakugou was at the McDonald’s Szechuan sauce stabbing . headcanon submissions: the limit on submissions is unspecified at this point! feel free to send in as many as you’d like, as long as they fit the rules! anonymous is on if you aren’t comfortable sending headcanons with your handle; for longer submissions in the submissions box, your handle can be blurred/blacked out if you’d like to . Headcanons can be either be sent using the submission link, or by sending an ask! Kaidan agreed to go to Horizon to get Shepard off his mind but it had the opposite effect; his thoughts centered around her and her colonist background. NSFW headcanons . Rose: Doesn't generally like to get involved, but when she does, she's pretty good. Annie sometimes is jealous of your height since she thinks of it as a challenge in a way. The player likes to act tough in front of the NPC’s, especially when fighting a huge threatening boss, but in reality are a stinky little dork that gets embarrassed easily. Overall, there are parts of it he likes and parts of it he doesn’t. reblog. ‘That’s a Warrior Cats Beauty Standard Headcanons. Stucky headcanons. Of course!! Thank you for requesting this anon! I absolutely love Nagito so I’m excited to make this. He definitely pre-orders high tech things and is the first to get them before anyone else can. Someone who wouldn’t be scared to tell him, he is talking shit and that he should use his brain for once in a decade. Asahi: *places Nishinoya on the tree*. Tenko Chabashira x Himiko Yumeno headcanons . mod david tbh this is basically canon he fucks aliens headcanon pansexual star trek. 5 years ago — 9/25/2016 — 260 notes. Bokuto + Terushima. Both of his arms need to be around you, one under and one over- the one under is under your head usually to avoid messing with is circulation. Brothers can tell when MC indulges in their sin. 13 Mar 11 2020. (forgot to add in the last post, there are over 3,800 ghost towns in America alone, which realistically provides more than enough space for all of them. General Creepypasta Headcanons - part2. subeta aromantic Melody headcanon Mod Roe. S/o is afraid of the dark and power goes out . Permalink. Then, he’ll tell you how he feels, which, you are so moved by his heart felt confession that you agree and happily accept his feelings. Sasuke feels rather awkward and doesn’t know what to do most of the time, so he . 1) Dream planted it there for him to find (Pretty unlikely, but there is the fact that Dream has manipulated Tommy in the past and stuff. ♥ 44. Okay so first a few things about Prometheus and why this one line of Childhood headcanon. aoyama: STOP I COULDA DROPPED MY CROISSANT. hagakure: AAAAAHHHH. Reddit. Massaging your nipples delicately as the white liquid pours out. Nancy Wheeler (Stranger Things) is bisexual. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. They don’t need to include all of those things, (ie. Sasuke is Himawari’s favourite uncle that is alive . “YN. Aot Headcanons. Ritsu relationship headcanons. Thank you for the submission! tf2 tf2 headcanons sniper tf2 sniper headcanons tf2 sniper x reader tf2 sniper team fortress 2 sniper headcanons team fortress 2 sniper x reader team fortress 2 sniper sniper x reader. How about you share them! Tell us your headcanon by submitting or asking us your headcanon and we'll post it as soon as we can! Read the guidelines before submitting your headcanon, please! If you have any questions, feel free to ask them! We post headcanons whenever we can, so please be patient with us! Current Amount of Headcanons in Inbox: 12 Going back to sit on his lap, he entertains the opening sequence with his chin on your shoulder. Often appearing as a black dog, it can also take the form of other animals, such as a lamb or a horse. Current requests: 18. Poly headcanons . Meanwhile, Mikasa gets horrible cramps and takes aspirin by the handful . Kissing your shoulder as His head rests upon your shoulder, a ticklish sensation blooming where your neck and chin meet. So bandori-headcanons was born! I had a great running the blog, even though I was nervous! It was a lot of fun seeing everyone’s ideas and pairings and trying to come up with fun headcanons for them! I actually started shipping YukiKasu because of a request I got on here, and came to appreciate a few ships that I didn’t like at first. ~Omegaverse Headcanons~. a/n: let me know if you’d like me to write this for the rest of the members! i hope you’ll enjoy reading this <3. One day Roman found her on the streets and recruited her to help him. Izuku/ Mirio comforting their s/o. 16 / 13 ♥. attending a concert with his s/o comforting his s/o after a fight with an idol s/o Arthur x Reader NSFW Headcanons. While in fox form, the user is impossible to catch. Headcanon Masterlist! I’ve decided to split my masterlist into 2 as the links only work in edit mode, which I think is because there’s too many links on one post. She doesn’t care at all, because that’s her favorite nickname. B - Being best friends. He isn’t the type to get jealous, because he knows that you love him and that’s all he needs. Fluffy headcanons . # thunderclan. If you want to request something, make sure to check the rules first :) Askbox is CLOSED right now. neither of them know how to deal with the other being down, they’d just try and make the other cheer up by cracking jokes and making faces. Headcanons! Quarantine x Tim and The Batfam! Saying I Love You For The First Time - Batboys x Reader. ) 2) Ranboo put it there and forgot (The most plausible one, in my opinion. Killer and Dust butt heads often, even after they learn to look past the differences that split their timelines. Scenarios. He is mortal and has weaknesses and can be beaten. Fidgeting, pacing, chewing. Doing all I could to calm myself as I waited. Headcanons for Shinsou, Sero and Bakugou and a character of your choice where they end up in a staring contest with the reader--their current fixation. Used by followers of various media of entertainment, such as television shows, movies, books, etc. i love fall and the month of october, bc halloween! i’m a huge science/math nerd, i love learning . they will call each other names on a daily basis but curse everyone else who dares to offend one of them. ☆EDIT: Requests are closed☆ ☆trans/ftm☆ ☆he/him☆ ☆I love Loki, Sam, Thor, and Wanda☆. Hi! I write prefrences, imagines, and headcanons for male!readers/mlm. Keep reading Much like autisticcharacteroftheday, this blog is to submit autistic headcanons. Office Sex. Scars are also a symbol of beauty to them. + Could probably list off every dad joke known to mankind. Let’s kick things off with our favorite Blasty Boi, Bakugou! welcome~welcome~. He was way more shy and less aggressive than he is now; it was only over time, having been ridiculed by some siblings for his unconventional (in this family) interests, that he toughened up and learned to stand up for himself. so he saw someone that had similar ears to Klee and Eustass “Captain” Kid. fluffy-messenger-headcanons: I was pacing. Ronald Knox: Reaction when his S . Double Trouble ~~~~ We all know of pairs that we want to see together that are absolute chaos. Is so excited to see you home, and his mouth just doesn’t stop moving. Headcanon is a term used to describe an idea or concept that is not canon, but that a person has come to believe based on his or her own thoughts and experiences. He feels your support. Originally posted by nakaze. Everytime Boruto and Himawari go over to the Uchiha family’s house for a play date or for baby sitting, Himawari insists she plays with Sasuke (or with Sarada and Boruto if he isn’t home). With a washcloth, he wipes the dirt from your face and neck, stopping every few seconds to stare at the finger-shaped bruises on the skin. Nishinoya: HEY. Terra Comforting an S/O scared they’ll fall to Darkness. Walking around in the snow, holding hands and drinking spiced lattes - talking about nothing in particular, just enjoying their company and spending time alone together would be perfect to him. Them coming out from watching hamilton with steve humming right hand man and bucky full on ugly crying. summary. My h/c hair was a mess as I had been running my fingers through it. "Don't act like you don't like it," he murmurs. See more posts like this on Tumblr. Ryu used to be a pretty heavy sleeper, but now can wake and be fully alert within seconds. ThunderClan - They find broad shoulders attractive, as well as strong legs. One of the reasons he keeps his tears (and in general, his emotions) restrained. Djwizjwi hey everyone . # miles edgeworth # ace attorney # ace attorney headcanon # ace attorney headcanons # anonymous. General Relationship HCs - (Kid, Killer) Yandere HCs Slightly NSFW. Late Night Drives With The Batboys. Already bored, he snakes a hand under your shirt, the other caressing your thigh with his fingers. Of course,,, that will take some time. Childe. 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Via: anonof5puns. has you rest a hot towel over your eyes so they're not sore from the congestion in your sinuses. + You just try to wait it out. PKMN-HEADCANONS is a submission-run headcanon blog and remake of the original pokeheadcanons, modded by CHERABBY. So his ego wont get hurt too much. autistic headcanons All my autistic headcanons (in alphabetical order of the source) Rowan Love (Ally’s World) Ally Love (Ally’s World) Linn Love (Ally’s World) Tor Love (Ally’s World) Klaus. Headcanon #1 Azula was sexually abused by Ozai from the time she was 5. I originally posted this on the Forums, but I liked the concepts so much I wanted to share them with you all! ^^. From his new mogaicanons. She would start blubbering about how much she needed them and that she couldn’t bear the thought of being without them. Something that came up on a case before (like looking up the IP . every playable character (including 2. A link to all headcanons (includes every ship of that fandom, as well as general headcanons that don’t involve a particular ship, but involve one or a group of characters) By ship. And for plot reasons, MC will not appear. MC Drops their Phone on their Face, and the Demon Bros Saw it All. Thoughts of inadequacy would invade his mind, and he would go to bed early, not wanting to deal with his emotions. to note a particular belief which has not been used in the universe of whatever program or story they follow, but seems to make sense to that particular . “Eijiro don’t. Let's start off with this piece of gold! Pure-bloods can be pretty mean (yes, Draco, we're throwing shame at you) and when they feel threatened, they often call Muggle-borns "Mudbloods. ‘KBTBB headcanon: The MC almost got murdered on the day that the Bidders are going to propose to her. Japan is actually the country with the most amount of ghost towns, so there is more than . Gabriel. Thx’. Albedo Headcanons. Introduction. Some weeks ago people started submitting headcanons and confessions based on yet unaired episodes, and despite making posts and such telling everybody to stop submitting these headcanons and confessions, people kept doing it. Sadie is pansexual panromantic. In this headcanon, I imagined that the 4 guys switched bodies with each other (cuz why not). Ritsu likes to interlace your fingers and stroke the back of your hand with the pads of his fingers, which calms him down, he squeezes your hand a little harder . Hc: Kaeya likes to catch Yandere Ibuki Mioda General Headcanons. a safe place for your autistic headcanons time for the autistic community to represent Headcanons and general autism stuff 📢send me your autistic headcanons📢 post turnout will be slow, headcanons will be shared in due time★nothing on this blog is meant to be offensive★ Genshin Impact LGBTQ+ headcanons (Mondstadt Characters) Lumine (fem traveler): pronouns fluctuate but she/her mostly, panromantic pansexual. 1. Being with Hawks was something unexpected. Welcome! We write headcanons, matchups, and scenarios. Organization XIII’s Hobbies. His sinking weight fails to impede your . 36 notes. -Only female Betas are capable of bearing children. Romantic Jirou headcanons. Mahiru Koizumi x Gundham Tanaka headcanons. Peter Parker ~Headcanons~ Being Peter’s Clumsy boyfriend Being Peter’s intimidating boyfriend Your First Date With Peter Parker Would Include Being Pietro and Wanda’s Brother and Dating Peter autistic headcanons All my autistic headcanons (in alphabetical order of the source) Rowan Love (Ally’s World) Ally Love (Ally’s World) Linn Love (Ally’s World) Tor Love (Ally’s World) Klaus. sleepybutwriting sleepy but writing headcanon my hero academia headcanons hawks keigo takami keigo takami keigo x reader takami x reader hawks x reader hawks imagine mha hawks keigo imagine takami imagine bnha keigo mha keigo takami mha bnha my hero acadamy my hero academia my hero . Hogwarts House, Gender, and Sexuality. he gets so shy that his ears turn red and he can’t . 92 notes. Pokémon Headcanons. Because of that I haven’t been able to work very much . Someone feisty. Surprisingly, his . It started off slow at first and you didn’t catch it right away. The new plan: you were to be locked up in one of their homes, switching every week. Discover more posts about reader insert, drabble, xreader, hcs, my fics, head canon, and headcanons. Victor: grookey I just like the idea of his grookey constantly taking his hat. the first who came home was kou, looking surprised when he sees an unknown girl in his house. Attitude. headcanon requests: the limit on characters that can be requested for headcanons is 5, which is the highest amount of boys any dorm holds, the staff (technically) being included (grim and the ghosts count for ramshackle dorm). “Oh yeah, we’re dating. random Killua headcanons.

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